Graduating from a university undergraduate programme is often just the first stage in pursuing your targeted career. Indeed, US universities also refer to graduation as Commencement. With our professors and highly experienced Counsellors, GRTalent is uniquely qualified to advise students wishing to apply for Master’s and advanced study programmes in the UK, US, and Canada.


Embarking on a Master’s degree programme is an important “next step” for students seeking to develop their full potential. For students seeking to become, for example, a qualified medical practitioner, legal professional, accountant, architect, or an emerging entrepreneur hoping to take over family businesses, choosing the right Master’s or postgraduate programme is paramount. GRTalent advises on postgraduate degree programmes available around the world, and how pursuing further studies can contribute to students’ ultimate goals.


GRTalent Counsellors start by advising the student on the course or electives to be taken in the existing undergraduate programme, and relevant internships that can enhance the student’s admission chances. We encourage students to apply to internships and work experiences in order to broaden their horizons.


Personal statements and interviews are also often integral parts to the application process on top of academic results. We give guidance in crafting persuasive statements that best showcase their academic ability and commitment to the subject of choice. Graduate school interviews closely resemble a job interview, our Counsellors will conduct interview training with the student in order to simulate job interviews, and to offer the opportunity for students to develop confidence in presenting themselves. Ultimately, we aim to arm the student with the necessary skills and knowledge for the highly competitive postgraduate programmes and in their future career.


Our strengths are particularly strong in banking, finance, investment, real estate, architecture, urban planning, and research, we are sure to guide the students on their right path to success.