GRTalent Boarding School Admission Advisory

Initial Assessment & Goal-setting

GRTalent understands the challenges in preparing a student to study at a reputable boarding school. Our Boarding School Admissions Advisory focuses on finding the right school for each student, and offers a training programme that is proven for successful admissions.

Application Roadmap & Planning

Timing is very important for boarding school studies. For U.S. and Canada, the most common entries are Grade 8, 9 and 10. For U.K., there are multiple entry levels: 11+, 13+ and 16+. Entries at other year levels may be possible depending on school policies and space. At least two years of planning are required prior to your child’s expected year of entry. Many top U.K. boarding schools set their application deadlines around this time or even earlier.

Admission Test Preparation

Regardless of your country choices, your child needs to prepare for the admissions tests and in most cases, it will take at least a year of intensive practice to achieve satisfactory scores.

School Visit & Recommendations

GRTalent Consultants help students and parents understand the different learning environments of the schools, and to choose schools that would be the most suitable for the student. We can also assist parents in arranging school visits in order to experience first-hand what it feels like to study at their school of choice.

Application Essay Coaching

Admissions testing is only part of the application process, your child may also be required to write extensive personal statements and attend interviews. Boarding school application is a lot of work and therefore early planning is definitely needed.

Student Interview Training

Student interview is often the most important component in the admissions process. As students are generally getting higher scores in the admissions tests, many schools make their admissions decisions based on students’ interview performance, after comparing the scores. GRTalent provides effective interview training to students to ensure they are best prepared for the interview process.