Could your child attend one of the world’s best schools?

For decades the names of Britain’s finest boarding schools – Eton, Harrow, Wycombe Abbey, Tonbridge, Cheltenham Ladies’ College, Westminster and many more – have come to represent the very best that education has to offer.

Parents from all over the globe aspire to send their children to schools that open doors to the world’s finest universities and onto glittering careers.

● Intense competition

Inevitably, competition is intense for places at Britain’s most prestigious schools.
It is advisable for parents to book a consultation with a GRT schools advisor who will assess the pupil’s academic and pastoral profile before making recommendations on the school best suited to your child.

● Academic preparation

Parents should begin planning for their child’s admission to a British Boarding School, aged 13, well over two years before the proposed entrance date. Preparation for Sixth Form Admission should also begin at least a year in advance.
Many U.K. schools require pupils to sit the UKiset examination, for entry at 13+, as a general indicator of the child’s ability and suitability for that school.

● Unfamiliar assessment

This form of assessment, based on multiple choice questions, verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning is very different to the curriculum pupils usually follow at school.
To improve a pupil’s chances of success on the UKiset assessment, it is advisable that a pupil receives tuition to prepare them for the questions they will encounter.

● GRT’s teachers

GRT has recruited a team of experienced and qualified teachers, most with at least two decades of teaching in British boarding schools. They are able to prepare pupils to successfully compete for places at some of the world’s very best schools.

● The next step

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