Making the most of tuition

Parents are keen to invest in their child’s future with individual tuition from an experienced GRT teacher.

Individual one-to-one tuition can become even more effective when parents undertake some preparation.

● Shared information

Prior to the first lesson, providing the tutor with information regarding the pupil brings valuable benefits. How is the pupil performing in that subject at school? Has the school communicated any particular difficulties of strengths?

● Setting objectives

Clearly, the GRT teacher will have been informed if the objective is preparing a pupil for the entrance procedure for a particular school.

At other times, a pupil may be catching up after a disruption to their schooling or in need of support in a subject they find difficult.

Parents should discuss the main objectives with GRT and target a realistic time-frame for achieving these goals.

● Help the pupil prepare

Pupils may require help with organising themselves for the lesson, ensuring that they are logged on and settled five minutes before the lesson is due to begin.

If a pupil requires help with a particular piece of work, they should have it ready on their working document so that the teacher can access it immediately.

For more advanced topics, at A Level and International Baccalaureate, best results are achieved if the tutor has notice and a couple of days to prepare the topic.

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