Impeccable English and career success

Your children will live in a world where English, the world’s Linga Franca, will become even more important.

Beyond the United Kingdom there are nearly 300 million more people who speak English as their first language. Though they are outnumbered by non-native speakers.

Consequently, proficiency in English will continue to be a key factor for success in many careers. GRT has a powerful team of experienced English teachers available to develop your child’s English skills.

● Growing and growing

Increasingly, the internet is helping to develop English’s dominance. In January 2020, 25.9% of communication on the internet was expressed in English.

Similarly, entertainment boosts English’s muscular power. On Netflix, around 55% of the films available are in English.

● The language of science

The sheer quantity of academic papers published in English, the number of conferences conducted in English and the millions of books published in English demonstrates that English is the main language of academia. Quite simply, proficiency in English gives academics access to a wider range of knowledge.

● The language of business

For many globally successful men and women, articulate and persuasive English is a key part of their skill-set. Effective English enables business people to communicate effectively with suppliers, employees and markets throughout the world. In addition, many business courses and MBAs are taught in English.