Does your child receive detailed feedback on their work?

Teachers are frequently overwhelmed by the quantity of work they have to mark, while pupils are disappointed when they work hard on a piece of work only to receive minimalist comments or a succession of ticks.

In the midst of busy terms and ever increasing administration requirements, there is a danger that time pressure pushes teachers towards “flick and tick” marking.

● The need for feedback

Pupils may invest considerable time in a piece of work. Taking a long term perspective, every piece of work completed should be a step forward in their academic development.

However, pupils are sometimes uncertain of what is required from a piece of work, at other times they experiment with an answering style. Pupils requires detailed comments to help their progression.

● Individual tuition

One-to-one lessons enable teachers to provide extensive feedback. Assessing work specifically completed for the lesson – or looking at a task completed for school – the GRT teacher has time to provide detailed comments on the pupil’s work.

Moreover, there is time for the pupil to ask questions on the feedback, to ask for further explanation, to initiate a discussion on alternative strategies for tackling the task.

●  GRT’s experienced teachers

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