How do you choose a British school?

There are hundreds of British boarding schools and finding the right school for your child can be a challenge.

Although most parents can list the most prestigious British schools such as Eton, Harrow, Cheltenham Ladies’ College and Westminster, a school’s reputation does not necessarily make it the most appropriate school for your child.

● Finding your way

Most British boarding schools now have very impressive websites and marketing operations. It is not always easy for parents to judge the true nature of a school.

●Expert help

At GRTalent, Lindsay McDonald is our Chief Consultant and Michael Edwards is his deputy. Between them, they have worked in seven British boarding schools and they have over half a century of teaching experience in British independent education.,

● Assessing the pupil

GRTalent assesses pupils, through a range of academic tests and an interview, to judge where they will thrive within the complex British educational system. Essentially, different schools suit different pupils.

● Important questions

Parents should investigate whether a school really is a boarding school. Many schools are essentially weekly boarding schools. U.K. boarders head home for the weekend, leaving overseas boarders feeling isolated.

Considering a school’s reputation for pastoral care is important. Your son or daughter may take a little time to settle into a new country and new educational system. Make sure that your chosen school provides a caring environment.

● The next step

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