Prepare thoroughly for school admission interviews

Parents preparing their children for entrance to British boarding schools should not underestimate the importance of the interview. It is both challenging and a key factor in a school’s decision in selection.

GRTalent have a number of very experienced teachers, with decades of service in British boarding schools, available to help your child prepare for the admission process.

● Highly competitive

Britain’s top schools are always oversubscribed. Competition for places, from around the world, is intense.

When there are several pupils applying for every place the interview may become an important differentiator between candidates.

● Classroom contributions

Schools may opt to give a place to a pupil who scores less in an examination than a pupil who put scores them.

Looking beyond the statistics of examination results, schools are eager to recruit articulate pupils who are able to make valuable contributions to class discussions, keen to give preference to pupils whose oral skills will enhance the quality of a lesson.

● Preparation

Some pupils are naturally confident and instinctively able to perform well in an interview. However, other pupils need considerable help in improving their diction, body language and the content of their answers. These pupils may require a short course of lessons to develop their interview skills and build confidence.

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