How do you decide on the best British school for your child?

Academic league tables, compiled from the grades gained by a school’s pupils at GCSE or A Levels, are one useful indicator of a school’s academic standing.
However, simply selecting the school at the top of the British academic league table is not always the best method for selecting the most appropriate school for your child.

GRTalent have a team of consultants with extensive experience of both teaching in British Schools and also advising parents on the most appropriate school for the child.

● Assessment

Education in Asian schools is considerably different to that provided in Britain’s best schools.

Initially, GRTalent’s consultant will assess your child to identify their academic level and gauge the academic level of school best suited to maximising their potential.

● Top U.K. schools

The British Schools at the top of the academic league tables maintain their positions with great pride. Academic workloads are intense and progress is inexorable. For the most able and resilient pupils this is a path that leads them to the world’s best universities and glittering careers.

● Pastoral care

The most academic schools may not always be the best choice for Asian pupils who will have to adapt to a different curriculum as well as a different culture.

After assessing your child, a GRTalent consultant will recommend a range of schools where your child will receive appropriate pastoral care to settle in.

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