Free GRT online English workshop 

GRTalent will run an online English workshop, towards the end of July 2021 for pupils looking to improve their English.

Pupils aged from 11 – 17 may apply for a place on one of the free workshops.


● The dates 

Currently, the workshops are planned for Tuesday 20th JulyWednesday 21st July and Thursday 22nd July.

However, there has already been considerable demand for the workshop. Additional events may also be held on Wednesday 28th July and Thursday 29th July.

All workshops will begin at 6.00 pm and last for just over 2 hours.


● Tuition

A number of GRTalent’s fully trained and highly experienced teachers will be running this exciting workshop. 

All of these teachers have taught for many years in U.K. boarding schools.


● Objectives

The aim of the workshops is to develop pupils’ ability to clearly express their ideas and present concepts with a confident flair that will impress.

These are vital skills in applying for places at schools and universities. Articulate expression will remain a valuable skill as pupils progress to their chosen careers.



Soon after the conclusion of the course, all pupils participating will receive written feedback on their strengths as well as recommendations on how they can further improve their spoken English. 

Please fill in the form below to discuss your application for the course with one of our consultants.