Education is only a ladder to gather fruit from the tree of knowledge, not the fruit itself. – Albert Einstein

GRTalent believes that the school application process is an adventure – a unique opportunity to explore oneself and build essential leadership traits. During this journey, we use our skills and experience to help every student find the right soil to plant their dreams, and we create the right environment for students to blossom. It takes more than just hard work to succeed. Time, determination, and character are all required for a student to grow and flourish into a global leader. This is why schools today increasingly seek applicants who demonstrate strong leadership skills and sound values.

grtalent vision


In order for the student to apply to any top schools or universities, they must first achieve an exceptional academic profile. From school based study, to university admission tests and interviews, students are constantly being assessed on their academic rigour. Therefore, students must develop good learning habits in order to achieve their academic goals.



Success comes from having clear goals in life and the passion to achieve your dreams. All great leaders are highly motivated and focused. GRTalent’s Consultants help students find their unique strengths, understand themselves and discover their passion; to unlock their potential, and develop sound values. Through our coaching, we help each student develop a unique profile that expresses a strong personal statement. This process of self-discovery helps them select schools and subjects that best match their strengths and career aspirations.



There is much more to life than university application. In a world connected by social-media, practising compassion enables a leader to be more effective in connecting with people and the public. GRTalent works with students to understand the needs of their community and develop their own social responsibility initiatives.

As well as enhancing their application profile, such experiences also help develop leadership skills. Learning to listen to others and speak to an audience, to identify and solve problems, and to encourage others during difficult times, students can develop leadership skills as well as enhancing their profiles.



To succeed in today’s multi-cultural education and business environments, it is vital that students develop a keen understanding of international economics, politics and social issues. Through mentorship and overseas study programmes, GRTalent helps students raise their awareness of global affairs and cultural diversity by immersing themselves in a multifarious learning environment.



Achieving success requires focus, unflagging energy, and an ability to overcome obstacles and learn from one’s mistakes. By committing to a roadmap and practising self-discipline, students learn how to achieve their goals within set timeframes. At GRTalent, we equip students with essential skills that are not only useful at university, but also in their future career development.



Top schools not only look for the best students academically, but also students who are the most dedicated to their chosen field of study. Students not only have to demonstrate that they are academically capable, but also are willing to spend extra effort in engaging in relevant experiences. Through our extensive network in academia, business, and other fields of profession; GRTalent can best advise students on their academic road-mapping and gaining experiences that will best assist them in their future career development.