Stanford Pre-Collegiate International Institutes

More than a Summer Program

The Stanford Pre-Collegiate International Institutes (SPII) is a unique academic and social experience designed for high school students (typically 14 to 17 years old). GRTalent is an authorised collaborator of this Stanford Program (Visit Official Website). This Program provides an opportunity to experience a wide range of academic disciplines and help students prepare for their future university studies and beyond.

As an intensive two-week program combining academic classes, class excursions, university preparation advice and wider skills sessions, students will get a chance to explore the famous Silicon Valley and make new friends with students from other countries.

Program Period

GRTalent Social Innovation Program: Aug 5 – Aug 8, 2017
Stanford Pre-Collegiate International Institutes: Aug 8 – Aug 20, 2017
Program Fees: USD 6500 excluding airfares, insurance and visa.


In 2017 all students enrolled in the Stanford Pre-Collegiate International Institutes will study courses from a variety of academics disciplines such as Business, Neuroscience, Law, Art and Design Thinking and IT. Students will also have the opportunities to attend lectures on leadership, design thinking, creativity and problem-solving. All courses are taught by Stanford Summer School academic staff.

We strongly recommend all applicants to join our 4-day Social Innovation program too. It focuses on getting students ready for the intensive program ahead with team building and self-discovery. We will arrange visits to innovative companies in the Silicon Valley. In 2016 we visited Google and a local NGO. We will also train students on global mind-set and stimulate incentive to start projects with possible global impact.

A Typical Day

What is a typical day like at the Stanford Pre-Collegiate International Institutes?

Breakfast: 7:00–8:00

Morning: academic classes and lectures: 9:00–12:00

Usually there are two sessions each morning, which might take the form of lectures, seminar discussions or group work activities. These are led and delivered by Stanford’s academic summer faculty who will teach the students for the duration of the course. The mornings may also include Stanford scholars or external organisations.

Lunch: 12:00–13:00

Afternoon: academic workshops, study groups and excursions: 13:00–17:30

The format of the afternoons will vary but will involve one or more of the following activities:

  • Academic workshops or seminars – these aim to explore the course content in a more interactive session.
  • Core skills sessions – usually led by leaders in a certain field, these typically aim to help students think about the skills and competencies they might need for their future studies. These sessions may include problem solving, quality decision making, creative writing, effective communication, and leadership skills.
  • Social Activities- campus activities, fun dinner etc.
  • Excursions – taking the students out of the classroom and exploring how the subject resonates in Silicon Valley and surrounding Bay Area.

Dinner: 18:00-19:00

Evening: 19:00–22:00

Each evening students will either participate in social, recreational, supplementary academic activities, such as a group dinner or journal writing.

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