How to Apply

Step 1: Check your Eligibility & Requirements

Participants are selected for their academic talent, and they must be sufficiently proficient in English as all instruction is in English. The target age range is 14 through 17, and students should have completed the equivalent of Grade 8 in the U.S. system. All participants MUST attend our interview for English assessment.

Step 2: Submit your Online Application Form

You should prepare to upload your most recent report card in PDF or JPEG format; as well as a credit card to pay for the application fee (HK$400) before filling in the application form below. Please note that the application fee is non-refundable. GRTalent will not process the application with incomplete information.

All communications regarding your application, including your admissions decision, will be communicated to parents and students via the email address on the application form. Please check this email account regularly, as you will be receiving communications that are often time-sensitive and require a response.

Step 3: Attend the Interview

Upon receipt of the complete application, the applicant will be invited for an interview. If the applicant is currently studying in Hong Kong, he/she will be invited for a face-to-face interview in our office in Sheung Wan. In case the applicant is not in town or not available for a face-to-face interview, a Skype/WeChat interview is also acceptable by special arrangement.

Step 4: Offer Release and Acceptance

The admission decision is based on our review of your entire application, including your academic results and interview performance.

On behalf of Stanford Pre-Collegiate International Institutes, GRTalent Consulting will issue a letter of acceptance to successful applicants. Parents have to sign and return the agreement contract together with the full program fees to secure a place before a specified deadline.

Submit the Application

Part 1: Student Information 學生資料

Part 2: Parent Information (Primary Contact) 家長資料(主要聯絡人)

Part 3: Document Upload 上載文件

By checking the box above, I confirm that 勾選以上方格,我明白
1) the information provided in this application form is all accurate to my best knowledge. 在此申請表上填寫的資料皆為準確及真確。
2) any misrepresentation in my application materials is grounds for Stanford Pre-Collegiate International Institutes to revoke an offer of admission. 如提供任何不真實資料,史丹福大學有權取消已發出錄取。
3) all successful applicants agree to take our suggested flight departing from Hong Kong International Airport should they desire to fly with our chaperones. 如希望格賢導師同行前往當地,參與課程學生需同意乘搭格賢建議航班,從香港國際機場出發。

You will be redirected to Paypal upon submitting the program application. If you prefer to pay the application fee by another method, you can cancel the payment process and land on a page which provides different payment channels.
遞交申請表後,你將會被轉到 Paypal 頁面繳交申請費用。如果你選擇用其他方式繳交申請費,你可以按「取消」,然後你會了解到其他繳費方式。