Head of Education Counseling – MChem (Oxford); DPhil (Oxford)

Aaron graduated from the University of Oxford with a Masters in Chemistry, he then carried on doing research in green chemistry at Oxford, obtaining his DPhil in 2015. He has taught over 500 undergraduate students, and he has also partaken in Universities’ departmental open days and admission seminars. As Subject Ambassador for the Department of Chemistry at Oxford, Aaron has taken part in numerous outreach events aimed at inspiring students in Oxfordshire and beyond to study science. Aaron was also the founding member of the Oxford Mentorship Group, a student organisation aimed at providing teaching opportunities to undergraduate and graduate students.

In his 8-year career at Oxford, Aaron has always been passionate about education. From mentoring younger year groups, to teaching undergraduates as a DPhil candidate, Aaron has never shied away from the opportunity of helping his fellow students with academic work.

Since graduation, Aaron has been working in the field of education, specialising in education counseling, academic enrichment and whole person development. Aaron focuses in particular top university admission, such as Oxford and Cambridge, where he places much emphasis on character building of students.