Ashley is a passionate teenager with many interests and talents, including playing the violin and flute, singing, ballet, acting and theatre production. She attended an international school in Shanghai before relocating to Hong Kong in 2014. Ashley’s initial transition to the Hong Kong academic environment was bumpy, so our Counsellor worked with her to identify the academic gaps and recommended appropriate academic support such as study skill workshops. Under our coaching and supervision, Ashley’s results in the next semester improved dramatically, and she became a more pro-active and enthusiastic learner.

As a devoted Christian, Ashley loves helping others and had thought of combining this passion with her interest in music. The Counsellor arranged career discovery opportunities in music therapy for Ashley to learn more about the study and career paths for this profession. Inspired to become a music professional, Ashley decided to seek a place in a pre-performing arts boarding school that would allow her to better focus on developing artistic talents compared to a more rigid high school education.

Applying to pre-performing arts schools was quite daunting as compared to that for a typical boarding school application. Our Counsellors worked closely with Ashley to ensure she presented a solid portfolio, and was fully prepared for the interviews and other aspects of the application process. Through our coaching, Ashley was able to more clearly articulate her passion to study at a pre-performing arts boarding school. We helped her to identify her career goal as a music therapist, allowing her to combine a love of music with serving others.

Said Ashley, “I like how there’s a detailed plan for everything that I must prepare for the university application process. I’ve also enjoyed being coached by GRTalent Counsellors. With their help, I became more sure of my future goals and what I must do to achieve them. Before working with GRTalent, I didn’t realise how much potential I have to achieve greater things.”

Ashley was delighted to be accepted by Idyllwild Arts Academy as an Inter-Arts major, allowing her to explore different art forms. She also led a Teach-For-Music Program in rural villages in China during the summer of 2015 to further develop her music leadership skills and experience.