Like most Mainland students, Richard – who comes from Nanjing – thought he was interested in business, especially as his mother is a business executive. She had employed a local agent specializing in US schools to find a university for her son. As Richard’s IB results were merely average, the agent only tried to identify universities that accept low scores. He was eventually accepted by Michigan State University (2015 QS ranked 195) and Rutgers University (2015 QS ranked beyond 600).

“We thought there must be something wrong here. I wondered if I could have better choices and whether I could receive more professional career guidance.” Both Richard and his mother were unhappy with the local agent’s one size fits all service.

The turning point came when someone recommended GRTalent, known for providing tailor-made services that help students discover their passion and develop their potential through expert career guidance. Richard and his mother enlisted us to find other universities outside the US.

At that time, Richard was preparing his IB Business Studies Extended Essay. The topic was quite general – telecom services in China. The GRTalent Counsellor helped him to better focus the essay and explore the central theme more deeply, thereby achieving a higher IB grade.

At the same time, in close communication with his mom, Richard undertook a career discovery assessment. The results were surprising: Richard’s true passion is actually in political studies. And in working with the Counsellor to better discern his cultural upbringing, Richard’s interest in political studies was further strengthened.

With the support of his mom, Richard decided to forgo studying business administration and pursue political studies instead. He believes that studying politics will help him better understand the cause and effects of human interactions, and build a strong foundation for further pursuits.

After months of working closely with our Counsellors, Richard was overjoyed to receive acceptance letters from University of Toronto (2015 QS ranked 20), University of British Columbia (2015 QS ranked 43) and McMaster University (2015 QS 113).

“The university application process has taught me a lot. I have discovered my passion and what I want to achieve from my studies. The services provided by GRTalent are definitely very different to those of the local agents.” said Richard. “It is totally beyond my expectations. I feel inspired by this journey that has opened many new horizons for me.” His mother is also delighted with the amazing outcome.