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GPA Learning is a tuition centre providing academic support to students from local schools, international schools and overseas boarding schools. You can choose between private lessons and group lessons which consist of no more than 6 students. GPA tutors are all experienced in the subject areas they teach. We are currently offering professional tutoring in Business Studies, Biology, Chemistry, Economics, English Language & Literature, Mathematics, Physics and Psychology.

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Our tutors understand local and international education systems. They are proficient in preparing students for public examinations such as GCSE, IGCSE, A-Level, HKDSE, AP and IB Diploma in Hong Kong and overseas. Professional consultation and assistance on examination preparations will be provided based on students’ needs. More than 60% of our current students are studying in international schools.


Dr. Aaron Lau

MChem (University of Oxford)

DPhil (University of Oxford)

Teaching Subjects: Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, TSA, BMAT, NSAA

Dr. Lau has had a wealth of experience in education, constantly helping students achieve top grades in exams. Dr. Lau has experience teaching students ranging from primary school to GCSE to university level, and he was the lab demonstrator for undergraduates for the University of Oxford. Many of Dr. Lau’s students go on to top universities around the world, such as Oxford and Cambridge.

Outside of the classroom, Dr. Lau is a keen photographer, where he likes to draw inspiration for his teaching from nature.


Ebenezer Dotser

B.Ed (University of Nottingham)

Teaching Subject: Mathematics

Having been in the educational sector in the past 10 years, Mr. Dotser’s expertise in Maths is unparalleled. His students have consistently obtained top grades in Maths. He is an exceptional tutor and one of GPA’s most senior teachers. Mr. Dotser’s teaching style caters for all ages, from primary school to pre-university level. His previous teaching experience in UK has given him an edge on teaching students who study overseas.

Mr. Dotser is also a frequent traveler, regularly travelling the world for inspiration and insight.


Jonathan Ma

BDS (University of Hong Kong)

Teaching Subject: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology

Mr. Ma is pursuing his undergraduate degree of Dentistry at the University of Hong Kong. He was a former student of La Salle College and went to UK for his A-level studies. His public exam results were exceptional, achieving 5 A* in Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Biology, Physics and Chemistry. He is great at teaching his study and exam skills in Maths and Science subjects.


Kelvin Lui

BSc (University College London)

Teaching Subject: Biology

Mr. Lui graduated with first class honours from University College London before taking up his studies in medicine at HKU. From his knowledge and experience in medicine and biology, Mr. Lui is able to provide insight on biology for students who may be struggling with the subject. Mr. Lui has tutoring experience in HKDSE and IB curricula, where his unique approach can help students grasp exam techniques.

Mr. Lui enjoys playing piano, and is happy to share with students his favourite piece.


Rex Wong

BSc (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)

Teaching Subject: Economics

With over seven years of tutoring experience, Mr. Wong has taught more than 200 students, coming from A-Level, AP and IB systems. Mr. Wong has vast knowledge in different exam requirements, and has been serving as the examiner of IB Economics since 2014. With his experience, Mr. Wong has a set of study guides to help students achieve top grades in exams.

Mr. Wong is also a keen football player, having led a youth football team outside his teaching duties.


Ruth Chee

BA (The University of British Columbia)

MA (Hong Kong Polytechnic University)

Teaching Subjects: Psychology, Biology, English

Ms. Chee’s academic career was devoted to the study of psychology, and she has extensive tutoring experience in psychology, biology, and English at high school level. She is renowned for her interactive way of teaching and understanding of students’ needs. She can adapt her teaching style for each and every one of her students.

Ms Chee is a strong believer in healthy eating, and she can always be seen eating something green.


William Ng

MEng (University College London)

Teaching Subjects: Physics, Maths

Mr Ng graduated with a Masters of Engineering from University College London, and has a passion utilising his engineering knowledge in teaching secondary school students. Mr. Ng has most experience in teaching GCSE and A-Level syllabus, though he is also skilled at teaching other syllabi for students studying at international schools.

Based in Beijing, Mr. Ng has work experience in the petroleum industry, and can bring his industrial insights into the classroom.



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