General Admission

  1. GPA reserves the right to refuse the admission of any student who, in its opinion, is detrimental to the general welfare of the school.
  2. GPA reserves the right to discontinue a student’s enrolment at any time for poor attendance, non-payment or underpayment of tuition fee, or disruptive behavior.
  3. GPA operates a space-available policy in allocating places and reserves the right to release the reservation.
  4. In no event shall GPA be liable for any damages, losses or injuries of any kind, whether direct, incidental or consequential, in or out of class.
  5. All materials used in lessons by GPA teachers and subsequently distributed to students (worksheets, textbook copies, past paper extracts, etc.) remain the intellectual property of GPA. Students agree not to reproduce, distribute or share any lesson materials with other parties without the prior written consent of GPA.
  6. Students agree not to solicit or make private arrangements with GPA teachers for tuition or contact teachers directly outside of class. All scheduling payment related issues are handled by GPA’s administration staff or head tutor.
  7. GPA’s employees are not allowed to give their personal contact information of any kind to parents and students. Parents and students agree to not meet with GPA teachers without the prior arrangement with GPA’s administration staff or head tutor.
  8. It is the student’s responsibility to communicate clearly and in a timely fashion (at least 72 hours prior to commencement of the lesson) any topics and/or specific areas that they would like to focus on for private lessons. If no such information is provided, GPA teachers will follow the standard curriculum as set by the head tutor. GPA does not bear any responsibility for a lesson not matching the student’s expectations if he or she fails to provide such information.
  9. A progress report will be provided at the end of each quarter (March, June, September, December). Any additional reports or special requests may be subject to an additional charge. Students enrolled for less than one full calendar month or have attended fewer than four lessons in the quarter will not receive a progress report.
  10. For safety, security and other relevant reasons, CCTV cameras with audio recording capability are in operation within the GPA premises, including but not limited to the customer service area, wafting area, classrooms, corridors, and meeting rooms. GPA shall not be held responsible for personal injuries, accidents, losses and damages incurred by any student while at GPA premises.
  11. GPA shall not be liable for any loss, damages, charges or expenses, whether direct or indirect, which may be incurred by parents and/or students arising from or in any way connected with GPA.
  12. Photographs and videos may occasionally be taken during lessons. GPA reserves all rights to images and footages, which may be used for educational or promotional purposes. Students who do not wish to appear in photographs and/or footages should make such request clear to GPA’s administration staff.
  13. GPA shall be entitled to claim for damages, including but not limited to, all legal costs and expenses incurred by GPA in connection with the enforcement of any violations to these Terms and Conditions. GPA reserves the right to claim and take any actions or legal proceedings for recovery or compensation as a result.

Lesson Reservations and Payment Settlement:

  1. Lessons are reserved for students in the order requested without biases.
  2. Lesson times must be confirmed by email within 5 days after confirmation email has been sent. Lessons are only deemed confirmed AFTER full invoice payment is received.
  3. GPA reserves the right to change the class teacher for both courses and individual/group lessons as seen appropriate without prior notice and to cancel any lessons as necessary.
  4. In order for students to keep their regular slots, student must attain at least 80% attendance of his/her monthly lessons or the slot maybe released to other students without notification, in which summer vacation (July & August) will be an exception.
  5. Payment must be settled 7 working days before attending class on a monthly basis or else the reserved slot(s) will be released. GPA reserves the right to release any reserved lessons that have only been verbally confirmed or have passed the confirmation deadline, as well as the right to preclude the student from attending the lesson if payment is not settled beforehand.
  6. All payments received, including voluntary withdrawal, are non-refundable unless applicant is denied admission
  7. Lessons and credits with GPA is non-transferrable.

Re-schedule / Cancellations:

All reserved and/or confirmed lessons cannot be cancelled and will be charged (non-refundable) unless the teacher fails to attend class.  Lessons may be rescheduled once free of charge within the same month for every 4 confirmed and paid lessons provided that:

  1. Notification is given at least 3 working days in advance during working hours (Mon-Sat 9.30AM-6.30PM); or
  2. Notification is given at least 4 hours in advance with a medical doctor’s certificate which must be presented to GPA Learning Center within the same day before the scheduled lesson or 6.30PM, whichever is earlier, via email, Whatsapp or fax.

Any lesson may be rescheduled with a rescheduling fee of HKD100 per lesson provided that notice of which is received 3 working days during working hours (Mon-Sat 9.30AM-6.30PM) before the lesson to be rescheduled.

All rescheduling of lessons are subject to the availability of the teacher and are not guaranteed. It is the duty of the student to reconfirm the rescheduled lesson 2 working days prior to the rescheduled lesson. Otherwise the time reserved slot maybe released to other students without notification and that lesson cannot be rescheduled again. Any lesson that is not rescheduled in the same month will be charged and no refund will be provided.

Transfer of Credits for SAT/ACT Tutorial Programmes

  1. All enrolled SAT or ACT Tutorial Programmes are non-refundable
  2. If there are credits remaining after the final SAT or ACT exam available to the student before the university applicationdeadline, any lessons taken will be charged at the prevailing hourly rate for SAT tutorial at the time, and any remaining credits will be automatically transferred to other subject tutorials, the charge of which will be in accordance with the then prevailing hourly rates of the respective subject and level on the time of transfer and utilisation.

Weather Policy

  1. Once the Hong Kong Observatory issues the proposed time schedule for hoisting the typhoon signal No. 8 or above, all lessons 2 hours before the proposed time will be rescheduled. (subject to the availability of the teacher and are not guaranteed)
  2. GPA will be closed when typhoon signal No. 8 or above, or black rainstorm warning is hoisted and will resume classes two hours after the warning is cancelled. Lessons for the day will be cancelled if typhoon signal No. 8 or above remains in place at 4:00PM.
  3. When a typhoon increases in severity or when a black rainstorm signal is hoisted while the student is within the school premise, we shall be obliged to dismiss the students before the end of the regular class; parents will be contacted regarding the approximate new dismissal time and must arrange with their children on subsequent transportation arrangement.

GPA reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions on this policy without prior notice.

 Thank you for your cooperation, support and confidence in us.